Updated clock prototype sketch



I’m making a few minor updates to the clock design, specifically for the prototype. I’m not as fond of this shape, it’s now 3″ high instead of 2″, not as sleek, but this initial prototype is more about getting everything functional, and will allow more room for error when fitting all the electronics in. Once we have all the components in there, we can see about shrinking it down.

There are now two knobs instead of one. The one on the top will be for alarm functions, and the one on the back will be for time functions. In many hardware interface designs we see instances where many controls can be accessed from a single point, in this case a knob. The downfall in that approach is that you end up lumping together the more commonly-used functions with the less commonly-used. So for example, if most of the time people just want to adjust the alarm time, but they end up paging through the current time, date, etc…, it becomes more cumbersome than it needs to be.

With a single rotary encoder, there is no “back” button, so the user cannot page back if they¬†accidentally¬†skip over the function they want, so they have to click several times to come back to the page they meant to be on. So by having one knob for the alarm, and one for the time, the user will have to do less paging, and they will be less likely to make any mistakes, such as changing the current time.

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