I think I fried my programmer. I knew something bad happened when I shorted 24v into the voltage regulator. So I must have killed the programmer along with it. Now it shorts out my circuits every time I connect it. I doubt there is anything I can do now.  I have AVRStudio running on WindowsXP, running on Parallels, runnong on my iMac, and this little programmer worked through it all without any complaints. I’ll miss this little guy. It might be time to move on to the Arduino platform, considering I can get a USB development board for about $40, and a new programmer will run be about $150.

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2 Responses to “RIP AVRISP MKII”

  1. Alan

    Hey did you have to do anything special to get the AVRISP MkII to work under parallels? It seems that it’s not doing anything. I plug it in and the yellow light (the one inside) does not turn on. I know the port is powered because everything works fine from osx with avrdude..
    (and yes, I am assigning it to windows when I decide to switch!)

  2. Sam

    I didn’t find any issue specific to Parallels, but I did find that getting the MKII to work with Windows is tricky in general, whether running on a Dell or on a Mac. There are many cases of users having to uninstall and re-install AVR Studio several times over.

    Ultimately, I found that after following Atmel’s user guide for the MKII, very carefully, I did finally get it going – but it was a 1/2 day to a full day commitment.

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